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2022 Competition

Qualifying Round

Register by October 14th to be entered for this year's competition. 

The top 5-8 pitches (based on judge’s scores) will qualify to pitch in the final round. In the case of a tie in the qualifying round, we reserve the right to increase the number of finalists who compete on pitch day. 

A minimum of two competitors from each category (tech and non-tech) will need to make it to the final round in order for judging to take place in the two categories. If a minimum of two from each category do NOT make it to the finals, equal awards to first place and second place score winners may be implemented instead. This will be communicated to competitors prior to pitch day. 

Final event - November 12th - 9:00am - 11:30am

Over $25,000 available in prize money!

Final Round - Pitches will take place live at Peoples State Bank East on Hwy 24 in Manhattan on pitch day.

Lead-up events 

Contestants are strongly encouraged to participate in the lead-up events prior to the competition. 

August 3rd - 4:00 PM - "Financing Your Business 101"  - Several local area financial leaders will present their "how-to's" for financing your business. We will have representation from lenders, fundraisers, and other local capital groups. This event will be held at Blue Hills Room, 2315 Tuttle Creek Blvd, Manhattan.

September 8th - 4:00 PM- "Perfect Your Pitch" Pitch Workshop - Past competition winners will share their tips and tricks for delivering a successful pitch that wins! Location details coming soon

Now - October 14th
Competition Submissions Accepted

November 12th - Final Event - 9:30 AM - Only the predetermined finalists will present their business ideas at Peoples State Bank - Hwy 24 location. Scores for the technical and non-technical divisions will be given by the judges, while the public will vote for People’s Choice. 

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